Adventure, improvisation, inspiration

About us?

Madawaska is not just a sunglasses brand, it is not just a lifestyle, it is a way of living it. Enjoy, feel, dream, travel, love … Madawaska is freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to enjoy and live life your way.

Our philosophy is based on knowing how to enjoy the little things, creating memories and adding experiences, how? Living life through our glasses.

Our Inspiration

An Indian tale, a Canadian river, the northernmost county in the United States… Madawaska is a place full of magic, stories and legends. It is a place that gives rise to an idea, a feeling, a way of living life.

Madawaska is in our head, in our heart, in our desire to go out, in our desire to travel. Madawaska is knowing how to live now, it is the constant search for experiences. It is that chill that runs through our body when we listen to our favorite song, it is the pleasure of taking off our shoes and stepping on the sand on the beach, it is a trip with friends, stopping for a moment and taking a deep breath, sharing a sunset, a picnic at the shore of a lake, contagious laughter, feeling at peace with life.

Madawaska is to spread wings, take off the corset, parachute, live special, unforgettable, unique moments, fulfill dreams.

The Madawaska spirit encompasses all those experiences that make us feel alive. They are unique moments and people, it is adrenaline and also speed.

Madawaska is knowing that you are at the right time and in the right place.

Our values:

We are closeness

We are experiences

We are trends

We are passion

The best is happening. It is time to make up for lost time, to enjoy each day, each adventure and each experience. We design our glasses with people in mind, their day-to-day life and their lifestyle.

We look at the world and soak up everything that happens around us.

We know the trends and we understand the changes as part of our DNA to continue growing.